YSEALI Generation: Power of Entrepreneurship

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YSEALI: Power of Entrepreneurship 2015

I felt so grateful to represent Indonesia in YSEALI Generation: Power of Entrepreneurship Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last year because From 1,472 applications, I have been selected as top 60 based on the validity of our idea, its business model and our commitment to our venture’s success. I met the other 59 young leaders from emerging countries and 8 inspiring mentors to guide our business. We were so lucky because our team mentor is David Gardner, the Founder & CEO of ColorJar, who was honored at the United Nation by Empact as an Under 35 Entrepreneur of The Year in 2014 and he also received the Empact100 award at the White House as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 in the United States in 2011. He was highly reliable in managing, motivating and accommodating the aspirations of its members and it was proved when he was forming our team named Futurise.

David Gardner

This event was so important for me because we could meet the inspiring mentors from South East Asian Countries and United States. They trained me well about how to make global networking, business mapping, market validation, scale up business, sales skill, social entrepreneurship, financial management, and pitch practicing. We also excited to be involved in sharing session with inspirational mentors because they gave me important feedback about how to improve my business model and taught me tips and trick how to pitch my business in front of investors.

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Pitching Farmtastic Concept

Currently, I am founder and owner of Segar Barokah, Indonesian Fruits & Vegetables Supplier and Agriculture. My company empowers local farmers in West Java Region by cutting the distribution channel to increase their welfare. To support my current business and make more social impact, I develop Farmtastic, an online market place to empower the farmers finding potential market, reducing logistic cost and increasing farmer’s income. Farmtastic also educates the consumers to get fresh product, fair price, fast delivery service, and healthy lifestyle. Because of this idea, I have been awarded as 1st winner of YSEALI Pitch Master Chef.

1st Winner YSEALI Pitch Master Chef Business Contest

YSEALI not only provided me insight about entrepreneurship, but also gave me unforgettable moments, such as watching AO Show in Opera House, having Cyclo City Tour in Ho Chi Minh and meeting with Mason Plumlee, an international basketball player from NBA league. YSEALI transformed our disadvantages into a stimulus to achieve our goals by strong leadership and entrepreneurship skill. YSEALI gave me a new family, consist of young leaders in emerging country who contribute to give positive impact for their community. Thank you YSEALI for making it happened.

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